What are you most self-conscious about?

Welcome friends and visitors,

What are you most self-conscious about? Is it your hair? Is it your body type? Maybe it’s your skin color or how you don’t look like the models on magazines. Before I start, I just want you to know that it’s okay to feel self conscious sometimes, and it’s completely normal.

Anxiety takes a huge part of being self-conscious. You worry all the time and end up having bad thoughts rushing through your head telling you that someone is looking at you and probably doesn’t like what they see. Telling you that there’s something wrong with your outfit or your hair or just something that you already don’t feel comfortable with on your body.

Everybody is different. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Whether you’re black or white (or any other skin color), thicker or skinny, tall or short. You are your own mind and body. We can’t exactly control how we look when we are born, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes to help you boost your self-confidence.

There are many ways to fix what you don’t like about your appearance. For instance, you could get a hair cut or dye your hair. You could get a new wardrobe if you wanted, or you could make lifestyle changes and change your eating habits if you’re self-conscious about your body type. Nothing is impossible. You can’t just give up on yourself and not like yourself cause you weren’t born perfect. Don’t be afraid to try something new to make you feel better. You should put yourself first and not worry about what everyone thinks about you. Your opinion matters the most. No matter how much you try to change about yourself, nothing will be as beautiful as you.

You guys aren’t alone. There are so many people who can look in the mirror and point out all their flaws. It’s much more easier to see what we don’t have and what we want and think we need than it is to see what we already have.

What am I self-conscious about?

  • My arms
  • My thighs
  • My back
  • My chin
  • My feet
  • My acne

I could go on and on about everything I don’t like about my body, but it’s not going to help me or fix anything if I just sit here and complain about it. It took me a while to realize that. I mean trust me, I complain about it sometimes, but it’s progress. It took me a few friends to help me realize my beauty and all the good things about me.

Don’t worry about what others think. You are beautiful, amazing, and perfect the way you are. If you want to change something about yourself than do it, but make sure it’s worth it and that it will for surely make you happy.




I’m so sorry for not posting in such a long time:(

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry for not posting in such a long time. I have had a lot going on and never really had time to work on this but that’s going to change. Please forgive me. I have many ideas for the upcoming posts and I hope you enjoy them. Right now it’s time for me to start over again; where I left off, and refresh my thoughts.

Once again I hope you enjoy!

Lots of love,                                                                                                                                                ~MADDI~


Do you have a problem with your body image or self-esteem?

Welcome friends and visitors,

Do you have a problem with your body image or self esteem? It’s okay to admit that you do….. Nobody’s perfect. I have/had some issues with both of those. I think that I’m not pretty enough for a guy to like me because guys only go for looks now, and same with girls. I feel as if I’m too fat for people too. I know that a lot of us ask ourselves, “Am I not good enough?” also i know that a lot of us ask ourselves “Why can’t I look like a model or like my friends?” I know I do. I ask myself that every day. It used to be so bad that when I stared at myself in the  mirror I would look at all my flaws and just cry and cry, then I would walk out of the bathroom and act as if everything was okay.

I want all teens to realize we are our own type of beautiful, and that we shouldn’t waste our time trying to look like others.That and models don’t just automatically look that beautiful they have to work out and starve themselves to have a nice body and they have other people do their makeup. I’m not saying that we should starve ourselves, but we need to work hard to look the way we want to look. In one of my favorite songs by Alessia  Cara, her lyrics say that “She has dreams to be an envy, so she’s starving
You know, covergirls eat nothing,
She says beauty is pain and there’s beauty in everything
What’s a little bit of hunger?
I could go a little while longer, she fades away.
She don’t see her perfect, she don’t understand she’s worth it,
Or that beauty goes deeper than the surface.
So to all the girls that’s hurting,
let me be your mirror, help you see a little bit clearer.

I would listen to that song every time you’re down or feeling bad about the way you look.  You are good enough. Your are smart. You are beautiful.



What Depression Does to Us…

Welcome friends and visitors,

Depression has gotten to a lot of us or at least some of us. It can be for many reasons as in bullying, family problems, insecurity, break-ups, losing someone you love/like, etc.. Depression really is big because it can lead to people taking their own lives so that they get away from feeling alone and hurt. They feel like they are the only ones feeling this way, they start cutting because they think it helps control the way they feel  deep inside, they start missing school days because they feel that if they show their face again they are going to come home and feel even worse about themselves. It then becomes a daily routine, wake up after having to cry themselves to sleep, looking at a reflection that they can’t stand much more, being afraid that their day is going to get worse, and putting on popular clothing and make up so that they may have a slight chance of fitting in.


Trust me, I know how it feels. To wake up with a broken heart, feeling like crap because you went to sleep that way. Having puffy eyes from crying all night, thinking I’m ugly, worthless, nothing, unneeded, even hopeless. Sometimes I feel as if I have to fake a smile and act like I’m okay. I  know I’m not, but no-one else does. I know I can’t really go to anyone because I can’t trust anyone. I know how it feels to lose someone who you like because it has happened to me many times before and I know it happens to everyone else. You feel like you lost the only one you could trust, the only one you can talk to about pretty much anything, and the only that makes you feel cared about. That is pretty much why I decided to write this blog, because I want people (more directed to teens) to know that they aren’t alone and that someone knows how they feel. I mean, everyone wants to know that because they know most people won’t understand.


To finish this up, I would like to tell you all once again that I’m here for you and that I will try my hardest to make you feel better. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!



Is Technology a Huge Distraction To Us Teens?

Welcome friends and visitors,

Is technology a huge distraction to us teens? Personally I think it is because  first of all teens are always on their phones while walking across the cross walks or in busy areas, and second of all we don’t pay much attention to the people around us.

So many teens die from being on their phones while driving, walking across the street, and having no concentration of what they are doing. It’s not only the phones, it can be IPADS, tablets, computers, etc. There are so many pros and cons about this topic. Lets look at thee pros and cons about this topic…


  • Cellphones were originally used to check-in with parents and use it for emergencies.
  • Computers and laptops were originally used for learning, exploring, aid, homework, online schools, home school, music, etc.
  • IPADS or tablets were also a student aid for students to read books and also to use instead of a computer for essays and education.

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  • There has an been an explosion of the use of technology for other things like Instagram, Facebook, Kik, and many others.
  • It seems to come between students, education, and teens having a well-rounded life.
  • Unsupervised can be just as dangerous with cyber bullying, possible predators trolling the internet for teens, and more.’
  • 68% of teens send texts daily


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So lets answer the question, is tech devices distracting teens?



2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

2015 was a fun and exciting year for me and I hope it was for you too. I hope it is more fun and more exciting in 2016!!